Recent Presentations

We often speak at industry events. Here are links to some of the best!

DMAW Digital Week: Day Three Getting Creative with Premiums - Lesley Hostetter

DMAW Production Week: Day One Prepress - Robin Perry

How to Retain your COVID Emergency Donors - Lisa Maksa at BridgeOnline 2020

Test, Rinse and Repeat - Lindsey Twombly at ENCDC19 in Washington, DC

60 Ideas in 60 Minutes - Tiffany Neill at #bridge19 in Washington, DC

MythBusters Direct Respone Edition (Season 2) - Lisa Maska at #bridge19 in Washington, DC

Bite-Sized Deep Dives: Critical Direct Response Updates You Need to Know - Lisa Maska at #FRDNY19 in New York, NY

Sustainers—Everyone wants them; but how do you get them? - Rachel Kottler at #19NTC in Portland, OR

Weaving New Technology into Your Fundraising Program - Lesley Hostetter at #19NTC in Portland, OR

From Saturation to Success: Acquisition Breakthroughs! - Margaret Romig at #DCNP2019

BIG Results from small Shops - Amy Sukol at DMA_NF #ChiINP18

60 Ideas in 60 Minutes - Tiffany Neill at the DMA_NF #ChiNP18

When it rains, does it have to pour? - Bryan Evangelista at #Bridge18 Washington DC

Wait ... 30% of Your File is Signing up for Recurring Donations? - Rachel Kottler at #Bridge18 Washington DC

More Mid-Level Magic from the DMAW Wake Up & Learn Breakfast - Jillian Leslie

It's Casual! Using SMS and Facebook Messenger to Reach Your Donors - Rachel Kottler at the DMAW #DigitalDay2018

You Raised How Much With SMS?!? - Rachel Kottler at #18NTC in New Orleans, LA

Create Change Using Data, Creativity and Teamwork! - Tiffany Neill at #DMANF18 in Washington, DC

Multi Channel Madness - Lisa Maska at #FRDNY 2017 in New York

Go Monthly or Go Home! - Lesley Hostetter at #DMANF 2017 in Washington, DC

Game Changing Tests to Try Now - Vicki Viera at AFPNola 2017 in New Orleans, LA

The Data Made Me Test This... And it Worked! - Tiffany Neill at bbcon2016 in Washington, DC

What Great Marketing Looks Like: Our Favorite Nonprofit Marketing Tests of 2016 - Bryan Evangelista at bbcon2016 in Washington, DC

"Brother Can you Spare a Premium?" Moving Donors from a Transactional to a Philanthropic Relationship - Tiffany Neill at #NYNP2016 in New York

Keeping it Fresh! How to Continue Growing As a Mature Nonprofit - Bryan Evangelista at #NYNP2016 in New York

Mid-Level Magic: How to Conjure Upgrades from your Mass Market Donors - Lisa Maska at #Bridge16 in Washington, DC

30 Ideas in 60 Minutes: Your Hour of Creative Power — Lisa Maska at the Fundraising Day in New York #FRDNY

30 Direct Response Techniques, Tips and Tests You Should Try — Amy Sukol moderated DMFA Brown Bag Lunch event in DC #DMFA30Tips

What!?! You mean there's more to it than just writing copy for a fundraising email? — Tiffany Neill at #16NTC in San Jose

Who's Watching You? — Lisa Maska at #afpFC in Boston

HRC Helps Make History at the Supreme Court — Lesley Hostetter and Tiffany Neill at #DCNP2016 in Washington, DC

Beautiful Partnerships — Amy Sukol at #NYNP2015 in New York

Getting Your Board Onboard — Tiffany Neill at #Bridge15 in Washington, DC

Playing Nicely In the Sandbox — Lisa Maska at #Bridge15 in Washington, DC

MythBusters: Direct Response Edition — Lisa Maska at #frdny in New York

YES! You Can Turn Direct Mail Donors into Major Donors and Here's How — Tiffany Neill at #afpfc in Baltimore

A Donor Is Not an ATM: How to Inspire Donors Through Spectacular Stewardship and Cultivation — Lisa Maska at #DCNP2015 in Washington, DC

Don't Try This at Home: Direct Response Screw Ups You Can Learn From — Amy Sukol at #DCNP2015 in Washington, DC

Evolution Theory: How Market Impacts Acquisition Testing — Lisa Maska at 2014 DMA Nonprofit in New York 

Keeping It Fresh! — Bryan Evangelista at 2014 Bridge Conference

Who's Watching You? — Lisa Maska at 2014 Bridge Conference

What Should I Test Now? — Tiffany Neill at DMAW Breakfast Seminar, May 2014

Anatomy of a Breakthrough Control — Lisa Maska at DMANF Conference 2014

Game Changing Test to Try Now — Lynn Mehaffy & Amy Sukol at DMANF Conference 2014

DC Brown Bag Series: Year End Email Strategy Clinic with Lesley Hostetter

Measuring Results

Don't Test THAT ... Test THIS!

21 Hot Tips to Raise More Money (pdf)

How to Write An Appeal that Gets Results (pdf)

Integrated Fundraising, How To Use What You Already Know to Raise More Money (pdf)

Direct Mail Tests that are Making a Big Difference Now! (pdf)

Spectacular Donor Stewardship (pdf)

What's Working in Acquisition (pdf)

Story Telling: Engaging Donors with Stories About How You Are Using Their Money (pdf)

Direct Mail Tests that are Making Big Differences Now! (pdf)

Yes We Need More Donors!

Talking to your Board and Leaders about Investing to Build a Base of Individual Donors (pdf)

Replace Lost Revenue: Build a Reliable Funding Stream from Individual Donors (pdf)

Unlocking the Secrets of Integrated Fundraising (pdf)

Converging Channels – Our Evolving Mutlichannel Opportunity (pdf)

Addressing Message Challenges for Jewish Nonprofit Organizations (pdf)

Revamp Your Fundraising in Preparation for Economic Recovery (pdf)

What’s Working in Direct Response Fundraising - Acquisitions (pdf)

Keep the Acquisition Ideas Coming: List Optimization (pdf)

Mining for Gold: How to Use Donor Data to Drive Donor Value (pdf)

Mailing Smart in a Tough Economy (pdf)

More than Member Gifts! Other Ways to Raise Funds from Museum Members (pdf)

Moving Donors Up the Pyramid for Maximum Results (pdf)

In Focus

Tiffany Neill gave a Brige Talk session on Stewardship for BridgeOnline 2020 check out this 15 minute session!


Lisa Maska and Laura Whitlock "busted" common myths about direct response fundraising in MythBusters: Direct Response Edition (Season 2) at the 2019 Bridge to Integrated Marketing Conference in Washington, DC


Do you know what GDPR stands for and why it’s important? What the BBB requires for the use of its seal? Don’t despair! The session Bite-Sized Deep Dives at Fudraising Day New York, moderated by Lisa Maksa, provided answers.


Rachel Kottler spoke with Tony Martignetti about SMS Fundraising while she was at #18NTC. For the full #NonprofitRadio podcast click here.