Our Gift to You

Anyone who has followed us for a while may recall reading about the “new tradition” we started in 2020 of polling staff as a way to keep us connected as a team when the world around us moved further and further into isolation. One of our favorite polls asked folks to send in their favorite recipe, and we published the results in Lautman’s first cookbook, Cooking Together While We Are Apart with huge success.

In the intervening years, Lautman has grown in size—and grown further apart from each other as we have transformed into a “mostly-remote” office. As of this writing, we now have more than 60 staff members working in over 15 states around the country. But our weekly polls continue to keep us engaged and connected with each other.

To kick off the new year, we re-polled staff on their favorite recipes and are publishing them in a new book, A Lautman Celebration of Cooking. What you’ll find in this latest edition is that we definitely lean toward our comfort food, with plenty of potato casseroles, sumptuous butternut squash dishes, and at least three different chocolate chip cookie recipes! Trust us when we tell you each one is worth trying!!

We hope these recipes give you more insight into the folks you interact with here at Lautman, and make you feel a part of our team! From all of us at Lautman…we wish you a sweet and happy year in 2023.