Program Audits

Seeing the Big Picture

Our auditing philosophy is straightforward: we analyze every aspect of your program, identify the best opportunities for growth and build a customized plan around them. 

Our Approach


We review all your past results, contracts, relationships and data to determine what’s working, and what’s not, keeping a keen eye out for growth opportunities.

We examine overall donor data, comprehensive program results and all past creative approaches; review business practices and standards; and conduct interviews of staff and other shareholders.

We provide a strategic plan that outlines future touchpoints as well as package and testing strategies that will help you reach your unique fundraising goals.


Program Audits

The goal of every audit we undertake is to provide a strategic and actionable plan that will help your organization reach its unique fundraising goals. First, we focus on the data, which drives all of our recommendations. We then delve into every aspect of your program — including a study of the market and a full creative review.

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