And the award goes to …

In honor of the fifteenth anniversary of our Meals on Wheels Fundraising Co-op, we recognized some of the great organizations with whom we work for fundraising excellence at our annual client appreciation dinner at the 2015 MOWA conference in Orlando.  

While it was hard to beat the amazing view of the fireworks over the castle at the Magic Kingdom … the flashing bright lights … and lively Walt Disney music, the true shining stars for the evening were the award winners and all the other wonderful organizations we partner with in our co-op fundraising campaigns.

We were delighted to honor: 

  • Paul Kraintz, co-founder & director of Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa in Martinez, CA, for raising more money last year than any other program involved in our co-op fundraising campaign—$973,000, in fact!

  • Dan Pruett, president & CEO of Meals on Wheels and More in Austin, TX, for receiving the largest direct-mail gift ever received by a Meals on Wheels co-op fundraising campaign partner. The $100,000 contribution—a response to our November 2014 Holiday Meals renewal campaign—was made by personal check! Wow! 

  • Patrick Rowan, executive director of Metro Meals on Wheels in Minneapolis, MN, for having the highest donor retention rate among our 2014 cooperative fundraising campaign partners (68% retention of multi-year donors and 41% retention of first-time donors).

The awards “ceremony” was a fun way to kick off the fifteenth successful year of our Meals on Wheels Fundraising Co-op campaign. Congratulations to all of our co-op partners for a great year!