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The Nonprofit Alliance Foundation: Essential Leadership Lab 2.0


We are proud to sponsor TNPA’s Essential Leadership Lab 2.0, a fourth-year virtual program for nonprofit leaders. This program offers skill development through twelve monthly sessions on critical sector issues, with participants choosing nine tailored sessions for leadership growth. We are excited to support this initiative and the development of nonprofit leaders.

Nonprofit Technology Conference

Portland, Oregon

Join us at NTC for a unique opportunity to connect with tech leaders in the nonprofit sector. Learn essential nonprofit tech practices and engage with a community committed to social change. Be part of this enriching experience!

Nonprofit Fundraisers Symposium

Washington, DC

Secure your spot today to join seasoned professionals at this year's Nonprofit Fundraisers Symposium! Don't miss out on an electrifying experience filled with groundbreaking insights and networking opportunities.

DMAW Sustainer Day 2024

Washington, DC

We can't wait to see you at Sustainer Day 2024! Explore sessions on leveraging data for targeted prospecting, creative multichannel media approaches, and maximizing sustainer retention through technology. Don't miss out!

2024 Meals on Wheels California Conference

Sacramento, CA

Come join us at this year's 2024 MOWCA Conference for a fantastic experience filled with valuable insights, skills to boost your organization, and tailored programming to help all agencies grow!

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