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The Nonprofit Alliance Foundation: Essential Leadership Lab 2.0

February 1 - December 31


The TNPA Leadership Steering Committee is excited to introduce Essential Leadership Lab 2.0 as the program enters its fourth year. This initiative, a crucial resource for nonprofit leaders, offers virtual cohorts, skill development, and a robust support network. Over the course of a year, the program includes twelve monthly virtual sessions addressing critical nonprofit sector issues. Participants have the flexibility to choose and engage in nine out of the twelve sessions aligned with their interests. Essential Leadership Lab 2.0 aims to provide a straightforward, impactful experience, integrating expert presentations, shared insights, and collective expertise within the virtual room, making it a key development opportunity in nonprofit leadership.

June 2024 | Curiosity
Curiosity is getting a lot of attention in the business world right now. What does it mean for leading teams and creating effective business models? How can we cultivate it in ourselves and our staff? What would it look like to nurture a Culture of Curiosity?

July 2024 | Facilitation
As leaders, we facilitate large meetings, small group brainstorms, and one-on-one conversations. What are the structures and skills that will ensure everyone participates and we are getting the best ideas from our people? Join this session to learn key concepts of alternative meeting facilitation structures and practice a few of them together.

August 2024 | HOT TOPIC
What is the most perplexing, vexing, or critical topic you must grapple with right now? Lab participants have input and one HOT TOPIC will be selected for the focus for August.

September 2024 | Embracing Difficult Conversations / Breaking Down Silos
Bring a “plus one” from your organization, department, or another vertical. Let’s break out of the silos and develop a new language for a business challenge you are facing.

October 2024 | Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Share experiences and receive ideas and guidance specific to your situation. As a sector, where are we now? Where do we need to go? What can we do next?

November 2024 | Risk & Reward
The nonprofit sector has a reputation as being risk-averse. Join us to explore your tolerance for risk-taking, learn how to assess risk and work with risky situations, and increase your skills and strategies for encouraging innovative behavior in your team and organization.

December 2024 | HOT TOPIC – OR – Personality Profiles
Personality Profiles like Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Personality Index, DiSC, and more have become standard tools in our team management. After a brief overview of the various models, join with colleagues to share your own experiences about which you have used, how you have implemented them, and where you have found them effective.



February 1
December 31