DMAW Advents: Meet the MAXI Commitee

Direct mail jokes don’t need much setup: It’s all in the delivery! And deliver is what we do as an industry — not just with direct mail, but across all channels. So why the cheesy dad jokes (that are much appreciated by me as the father of a 6-year-old son)? How do they relate to anything? Because after attending September’s DMAW MAXI Awards, I am sure all of us were all amused by, what I believe to be, the best jokes and play on words around. We were also amazed by the best campaigns our industry has to offer.

Many of you are likely already familiar with the DMAW MAXI Awards — a program that has recognized and honored outstanding achievements in the field of direct marketing for nearly 45 years. And you also may know that MAXI stands for “Marketing Award for eXcellence and Innovation.” But, did you know that there is a committee that helps make the MAXIs a reality every year?

Approximately seven volunteers from different agencies and nonprofits work behind the scenes with DMAW staff members Donna Tschiffely and Ann Walsh. With one award ceremony ending, planning for next year has already begun. We meet as a group to discuss ways to build on and improve the program — from the process (yay for online entries), to the
applications (there is always something to update), to the timeline (committee member Teresa Weaver and I always hope judging doesn’t interfere with March Madness).

Volunteers power all DMAW committees and MAXIs are no different. We help with judging, marketing and recruiting marketing opportunity partners. And, of course, we encourage our own companies and industry colleagues to enter their incredible campaigns.

I am proud to have served on the committee and as head judge for six years, and this past year I was honored to step up as committee co-chair, doing all I could to help continue the legacy of the DMAW MAXI Awards. And, like many of you, I cross my fingers and wait patiently for the email that notifies our own agency if we’ve won.

Congratulations to all the 2023 winners! I hope you are planning your entries for next year’s awards. I’d like to thank the 2023 committee for its time and dedication. Members include:

• Stephen Godbout
• Victoria Heckler
• Tracey Lea
• Teresa Weaver
• Joanne Wilson
• Co-Chair: Bryan Evangelista
• Co-Chair: Jim Chmielewski

Please reach out if you are interested in getting involved.