Lautman Maska Neill & Company Announces a Rebrand

Washington, D.C.  — Since our founding in 1992, the ampersand (&) has been a key element of the Lautman Maska Neill & Company brand. And now, after more than 30 years, we’re embracing a new look!

Lautman is a full-service direct response fundraising agency that works exclusively with nonprofits. We believe deeply in their power to make ours a better world. We are adept multi-channel fundraisers who are always focused on maximizing the critical funds our nonprofit clients need to meet their missions.

Our new logo features a modern, multi-dimensional ampersand that reflects our growth, the diversity of our staff and corporate offerings, as well as the central role collaboration plays in every aspect of our business.

“Lautman is a fully-independent, 100% woman-owned company that is comprised of more than 80 compassionate individuals whose unique talents and diversity of experience breathe fresh life and ideas into our clients’ fundraising campaigns every day.  This new brand not only reflects that, but will also carry us long into the future,” said Tiffany Neill, Partner.

“The new brand embodies our values and reflects our strengths,” added Lisa Maska, Partner. “Whether we are spearheading the work through our in-house resources, coordinating with internal client teams, or leading the charge by working with multiple outside vendor partners, the ampersand in our name continues to represent the collaborative efforts required for fundraising success.”


The former logo may still be seen on corporate collateral or in industry ads and publications as our team works to update all materials.