Engaging Networks Community Conference 2022

Rachel Kottler was recently at the Engaging Networks Community Conference with folks from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) presenting a case study that showed how a broadcast text program can help you:

  1. Raise money at key moments
  2. Conduct local and national advocacy campaign
  3. Get out the vote
  4. Bond with your donors

Joining Rachel from HRCwere Zoey Mcshane, Digital Strategy Coordinator, David Salisbury, Associate Director, Online Strategy, and Marcus Lee, Associate Director, Online Strategy.

A Brief History of the Program
HRC’s broadcast SMS program launched in 2007. The primary purpose was to create a mobile way to check HRC’s buyer’s guide and a company’s LGBTQ+ equality rating. Soon after, text to call legislative actions quickly became key piece of program. Fundraising was added in 2017, but the ask frequency has ramped up in the last 5 years. Today HRC has over 740,000 mobile subscribers.

Use Text for Fundraising
Start By Incorporating Text At Your BIG Fundraising Moments such as:

  • At Giving Tuesday and Year-end
  • During “Giving Months”
  • During sustainer pushes

Use Texts to Fundraise Around Breaking News. Tips:

  • Incorporate a match if possible
  • Get out fast
  • Reference news

Use Text for Advocacy
SMS can help with local advocacy. Frequent use cases:

  • Call elected officials
  • Organize around state bills
  • Join in a rally or attend a local event

SMS can help with national rapid response

  • Call Congress
  • Submit comments
  • Sign petitions

SMS Makes it Easy to Contact Elected Officials


Use Text to Get Out The Vote (GOTV)
A few ideas:

  • Pledge to Vote
  • Polling locator
  • Early Vote reminders
  • Volunteer asks
  • Recruiting friends to vote

SMS On Election Day

  • Reduce the barriers to voting by sending polling information.
  • Create social pressure to vote

Use SMS To Bond With Donors
A few ideas:

  • Thank donors
  • Invite them to live events
  • Share organizational updates
  • Ask them to share their stories with you