Finding the Right Partner Matters


If you’re considering investing in donor acquisition or participating in a professional direct marketing program, it’s important to make sure you are finding the right partner.

Here are some key factors why partnering with the Lautman Co-op might be the right decision for your organization.

With the Lautman Co-op, you get a dedicated team of fundraising experts committed to your success. But there’s more…

With the Lautman Co-op, you are always in control of the donations. All donations are sent directly to your organization – we are never in the middle. Donors can have confidence that their donations are going directly to you, to help feed seniors.

With the Lautman Co-op, you own your donors. You are investing to acquire your donors, and you should keep them! Once a donor gives, they are yours to cultivate and steward. It’s our job to help facilitate the process, but your donors are YOURS – full stop. The new donors we acquire have higher than average retention, so they are with you for the long haul. You are developing a relationship with them, so that you can renew them, upgrade them and potentially get major and planned gifts from them. Many of our clients have had the experience where a donor who joined with a $50 or $100 gift, grew more dedicated to their program over the years, and eventually made major gifts. Some their planned giving donors came to them through the Co-op as direct mail donors.

With the Lautman Co-op, you mail with your organization’s name and logo on the package. Our campaigns are always versioned with YOUR name and logo, and it’s super clear to donors and prospective donors in your community that their dollars are providing meals and other services in their community through YOU, their trusted local organization.

With the Lautman Co-op, you know the costs, upfront. We provide annual income and expense projections before you ever make a commitment so you know in advance what you stand to gain, and what it will cost. You pay vendors directly and we never mark up invoices. And you pay us a fair fee to manage our work on your behalf. There are no hidden fees.

With the Lautman Co-op, you can opt out at any time. Our contracts have a 60-day cancellation clause, and you are never obligated to do any campaigns if you opt out before work on a project begins. There is no long-term obligation.

With the Lautman Co-op, you get the advantage of our 20+ years of experience fundraising for senior nutrition programs. We have been fundraising for meals on wheels programs like yours (as well as for nonprofits in all sectors) for decades – so you have the benefit of our years of testing and experience.

With the Lautman Co-op, you get dedicated service from our team. We’re proud that we have excellent account executives and production managers assigned to client teams, as well as a deep bench of data specialists, analysts, list experts and strategists behind the scenes. We are here to help execute campaigns, but also to advise and assist whenever needed – including setting up clients’ back end systems for tracking and acknowledging gifts efficiently.

With the Lautman Co-op, you get an agency that stands behind our results. We report on your campaign performance quickly, and we provide whatever you need to report out to senior leadership or your board. We are also happy to get on the phone or video conference calls with your leadership, to help make the case for fundraising.

There is nothing more important to us than making sure our clients are happy and have everything they need to achieve their fundraising goals. We are your partner through and through.

If you’re interested in learning more, or have any questions at all, please contact us at or call 202-296-9660, x236 today!