Giving USA 2014 Highlights

Overview of Giving in 2014

  • Total estimated U.S. charitable giving increased by 4.4 percent, to $335.17 billion, in 2013.

  • Giving by individuals is estimated to have increased by 4.2 percent.

  • Giving by foundations increased by an estimated 5.7 percent.

  • Giving by bequest is estimated to have increased by 8.7 percent.

  • Giving by corporations declined by an estimated 1.9 percent.

Total charitable giving by American individuals, foundations, estates, and corporations rose for the fourth consecutive year in 2013. The single largest influence on this increase was the additional $9.69 billion in gifts made by individuals over 2012.

Five charitable subsectors have now surpassed inflation-adjusted giving levels realized prior to the heart of the recession: Education, human services, foundations, health, and environment/animals.

If total giving continues to grow at current, inflation-adjusted rates, it could be just one or two more years for total giving to return to the peak level realized in 2007 ($349.50 billion).

2013 Giving Trends

  • The sustained increase in giving over the last four years is good news! While charitable giving is still not at the pre-recession level achieved in 2007, total contributions have increased 12.3 percent since the recession ended in 2009. This is slightly lower than the average recovery after prior recessions since 1973 (13.9 percent), despite the fact that the “Great Recession” was so much more severe than many others.

  • All key economic factors associated with charitable giving grew in 2013—such as the S&P 500 Index, GDP, and corporate profits— but generally were not as strong as compared with 2012.

Key factors related to the rise in giving by individuals in 2013

  • In 2013, per capita giving by U.S. adults reached $1,016, and average U.S. household giving reached $2,974.

  • Individuals, especially those who are wealthier, are becoming more confident about giving to the causes they care about as their financial situations continue to improve.

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